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About Focus Franchise

Focus Franchise headquartered in Naples, Florida is a full service franchise consulting and development firm dedicated to thousands of clients looking for opportunities in business ownership and investment. Diana Capirano, Founder and Certified Franchise Business Consultant, understands first hand how daunting the search for the perfect business can be. There is so much information from numerous sources (some conflicting) that makes it difficult to discern. With a massive 3,200 franchise concepts available in the US, it's easy to become confused and overwhelmed even for the most business savvy individuals. When searching for a new business opportunity of her own, Diana solicited the services of a Certified Franchise Consultant to guide her down this path knowing that having a trustworthy and objective professional would yield the best results. So having walked in your shoes as a prospective franchisee coupled with years of franchise industry experience, Diana is uniquely poised to guide her clients to relax into this process with an honest and empathetic approach.

Focus Franchise is You-Centric. Our main "focus" is YOU, your satisfaction, and your success! By following a proven 10-step method, we engage our clients throughout the entire process. We define and detail the items usually overlooked or missed, and we honestly present facts and weigh in as needed and requested. Today, with a database close to 500 top rated franchise models of all shapes and sizes, we are positioned to help you to EXPLORE, DEFINE, and ACHIEVE the best franchise opportunities. We are there from start to finish and every step along the way. Bottom line is that we focus on: your goals, experience, strengths, financial means, and desired lifestyle and other factors to survey the best realistic opportunities that make sense and align you and the Franchisor.

If you are considering any aspect of franchise ownership or want to expand your investment portfolio, please don't go it alone.

Diana Capirano will tell you from personal experience that it is best to take a partner who has your back. We would be honored to be that partner.


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